Costa Rica Entertainment, Cuisine, and Culture

Costa Rica is luscious, entertaining, and more adventurous, but does not stand back in terms of entertainment compared to the rest of the world, although very different. For example, casinos, which is something you expect in any country and Costa Rico is no different. Although websites such as remains the predominant force of online gaming comparison resource for Costa Ricans and tourists alike, traditional casinos are very different. If you expect to play table games such as Blackjack and Roulette, sure you would, however it is named differently. Blackjack is called Rummy; while Roulette is, Canasta and the slot games are old which is probably why slots are rather played online.

Traditional Costa Rican cuisine incorporates various Latin American cuisine however, the inclusion of various fresh vegetables and fruits make this a healthier versions of Latin American food. If you refer to a typical and most common dish which is eaten at home and all restaurants it is Casado and consist of rice with finely chopped onion and red peppers, beans, cabbage with carrot and tomato fried plantains and either steak, pork, fish or chicken and friend onion. Traditionally it is never fried meats only sautéed or grilled and you could often expect additional veg such as avocado and French fries.

A traditional breakfast in Costa Rico is Gallo Pinto and unlike other cultures, will you eat beans and rice for breakfast, which is mixed and not separate. With it will you get tortillas, fried plantains, chopped beef, and scrambled or fried egg. Customary will you also get a sweet green salsa over your breakfast. The Ticos are a literate country with its literacy rate over 96 percent, even though there are no schools in rural areas and education via FM radio. As a whole are the Ticos conservative, however tourist influences especially with the younger inhabitants are adopting increasing American cultural traits.